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At Columbus, we offer a diverse range of services, from solutions to your technology needs to training and development.
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Columbus Consulting ensures that your business systems run at optimal levels.

Columbus is a proud BBBEE Level 1
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Columbus Consulting stands as a comprehensive solution provider across multiple domains. Specialising in AI-driven IT security services, we ensure cutting-edge protection for your digital infrastructure. Our expertise extends to IT lifecycle management, ensuring the seamless operation and optimisation of your IT assets. Additionally, we offer ICT training programs tailored to empower individuals with the skills needed to excel in the digital age. Committed to social responsibility, we provide specialised GBV training to foster safer and more inclusive workplaces. Moreover, our ICT resourcing and placements services match organisations with top-tier talent, ensuring the right fit for your technological needs. At Columbus Consulting, we offer a holistic approach to solutions in order to meet diverse challenges and drive sustainable success.

Technical Services

Columbus strives to be at the forefront of professional IT services, as we take pride in our ability to transform complex challenges into tailored IT and Cyber security solutions. By fostering a harmonious relationship between business and technology, we create opportunities for success. With our expertise in aligning strategies, Columbus empowers organisations to embrace the digital revolution and achieve their goals.

Training and Skill Development

Join the Columbus Training family and become part of the positive transformation as our MICT course continues to equip professionals across all 9 provinces, with over 1,000 trained individuals and counting. Experience the unlocking of your true potential through our tailored courses, with the assistance of Columbus Consulting.

Human Capital Management

At Columbus, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of recruitment services, including headhunting and executive placements. When you choose us, you can expect nothing less than quality, unwavering dedication, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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Our developers offer reliable solutions for incident management during examinations and logistical management, ensuring a robust and efficient process.

Technical Services

Our team of experts are experienced in professional services and software solutions. Our focus is on solving our clients' complex business challenges through the creation and implementation of customised solutions.


We offer affordable training, at our state-of-the-art accredited training facilities, by experienced, certified trainers. Our courses are practical and lab oriented, ensuring that you get the hands-on experience that you need.

Human Capital Management

HCM is a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy that places both permanent and contract candidates. Collectively our HCM team has more than 45 years’ experience in recruitment consulting environment.

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