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Human Capital Management

At HCM, our dedicated focus is on meeting and surpassing your expectations. With our expertise, we carefully tailor solutions that best fit our clients' needs, approaching each new position or project with a refreshed and inspired mindset.

We are always delighted to hear from prospective clients or candidates

Columbus Jobs for Professionals 

If you would like to become part of our extensive candidate database and you are a technology or business professional looking for opportunities, you are welcome to apply. We do not charge any fees for the marketing of candidates’ CVs. Please note that you will be extensively interviewed and reference checked before being placed in any position.

Columbus for Corporate

At Columbus Consulting HCM, our main focus is to exceed your expectations. With our expertise, we tailor top-notch solutions for our clients, approaching each new position or project with a fresh and innovative mindset. We are adaptable and resourceful, striving for exceptional outcomes by constantly exploring groundbreaking and imaginative solutions that enhance and expedite the recruitment process. We establish close engagement with our clients’ needs, cultivating understanding and building trust through constructive suggestions and consistent delivery on their expectations. We are delighted to hear from potential clients as we are passionate about gaining a profound understanding of our clients’ objectives and providing the perfect solutions.

What we do

Resilient. Capable. Dynamic

Finding the right fit for your team can be a challenging endeavor. But not with Columbus Consulting by your side! We’re experts at identifying and attracting talent that aligns with your vision and values.

Head Hunting

Columbus HCM employs effective headhunting methods to ensure the right employees are carefully selected and placed within your business.

Executive Placement

Columbus HCM is the ideal resource to utilise for your business, offering exceptional assistance in executive placement needs.

Permanent & Contract Placement

Columbus HCM is equipped to provide valuable support to qualified candidates seeking both permanent and contract work opportunities across various professional fields.