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By unlocking the potential synergy between business and technology, we pave the path towards success. With our expertise in aligning strategies, Columbus Consulting empowers organisations to embrace the digital revolution and successfully accomplish their goals.

Unify your business and technology strategies with us

Columbus leverages its IT and telecommunications expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services, including training, software development, recruitment, and consulting.

At Columbus, our wide range of services includes Security Operations Center for robust security monitoring and threat response, Data Privacy and Compliance, Perimeter Security, Unified Endpoint Management and Protection, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, IT Operations Management, Identity Access Management, Privileged Access Management, and Vulnerability Management. We strive to enhance security, compliance, and efficient IT management for organisations.

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Take control of your IT estate

Enhance your organisation’s IT security, Monitor and Automate responses to incidents, and have a Unified View of your organisation’s entire IT estate.. 

IT Lifecycle Management
Data Protection and Compliance
Cyber Security